Monday, April 29, 2013

Cookie Baking Musings

Tonight is an off Cookie Baking Night, but I thought I would share a project we worked on last Cookie Baking Night. 

When I think of information I learned when I was a child that has greatly benefited me as an adult, learning the books of the Bible would be in the top 10. I learned the books of the Bible (their names and the order they are listed in the Old and New Testament) and even used that information long before God regenerated my heart.  Now, as an adult Christian I'm grateful to know the names of the books within the Bible and where each book is located. I use that information daily. 

One of the most effective learning tools I can remember in this process was during my summer on a Teen Missions trip. Part of Teen Missions training was a two-week Boot Camp. Part of Boot Camp was a daily obstacle course our team had to run. One of the "obstacles" on the course involved taking large wood blocks with the books of the Bible written on them and lining them up in order as fast as we could (as a team). This was a timed obstacle course. Teams coming in with a low time in the morning had to run it again in the afternoon. That being the case, knowing the books of the Bible and working together as a team became very useful tools in this process. 

I came up with a variation to this that I think will be a useful learning tool at Cookie Baking Night. I bought large brightly colored plastic cups. Ethan used the label maker to type out the books of the Bible (Ethan loves the label maker). 

 Carissa and I pasted the labels on each cup (later we will add the author of each book to the other side of the cup, as that will also be useful information for now and the future).

When we finished labeling the cups, we lined them up in the order that the books appear in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. In Cookie Baking Nights to follow, we'll spend some time learning the books of the Bible, their authors, and the order they are listed in the Bible. Following that we'll run some fun drills with the cups that will give us a hands-on opportunity to put our knowledge to practice. Stay tuned for more on the "cups" in future posts.

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  1. Love this idea--the books of the Bible are so important! I agree it was one of the top ten things I learned as a child.


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