Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Weekend With A Niece

On Friday night I dropped my dad off at my brother's house, and my brother (Emily's dad) invited Emily to spend the weekend at my house, to which Emily said, "Okay" and started packing her bag. Then my brother said, "Oh, as long as you're going over there you should probably bring your science project. Maybe you could work on it together" (oh, he's a sly one that brother of mine). Emily needed to make a model of the solar system. 

So, off we went to my house. 

The next morning, I had her make a plan of the supplies we needed to get. I showed her how to use Dragon (voice recognition software), and she loved it. She typed up quite a nice little plan with it, and off we went to the craft store. 

Thankfully, at the craft store we found a kit for making a model of a solar system (oh how far we've come since the days of using wadded up newspaper, wire coat hangers, fruits, and vegetables to complete such projects). We took home our kit, Emily painted it (she wanted it to look exactly like the pictures of the planets we printed off the Internet, ahh the Internet, another tool that makes these kinds of projects much easier), Greg cut the wooden sticks to the appropriate size, and I helped her assemble it.

And voila. One model of the solar system, done! We were pretty happy with it. We sat and stared at it for quite awhile.

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