Thursday, June 16, 2016

Resource Musings (Women of the Word)

Almost a year ago now, I had the opportunity to hear Jen Wilkin speak at a Revive Our Hearts conference in Indianapolis. She spoke on how to study God's Word. I was surprised how much teaching she was able to do in a two-day conference with such a large group of women (about 2,500) present. The two day teaching was just a taste and left me wanting to hear more of what she had to say. She wrote a book called Women of the Word, which sold out at the conference before I got to it. When I arrived home I purchased it on my Kindle. A few weeks later, I purchased it on and was delighted to discover that the author read it herself. For me, it is to date, the best book I've read on how to study the Bible. My biggest take away from both the conference and the book was to print off a double-spaced copy of the text I am studying (with footnotes and cross references) and use that for my underlining, note writing, and annotating as I study the text. I immediately put that into practice, and it has aided my study tremendously.

I highly recommend this book to you and hope you'll check it out.

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