Sunday, June 12, 2016

Katrina's Musings (starting over and continuing on)

On May 12 (the day this blog turned 7 years old) I made the bold declaration that I am returning to daily blogging for the next year. Today is June 12, and I find myself 15 blog posts behind. Cookie Baking Night is looming in the distance (very close distance -- tomorrow, in fact), and I know I will blog about it. So the first-born-daughter, I-must-do-this-right side of me is saying "you must get caught up on all those blog posts before tomorrow". And another side of me (I'm thinking this is the lazy and defeatist side of me) is saying, "just give up and never blog again". But the practical side of me says "Don't make an idol out of consistency, you could just pick up from here and move forward." Practicality wins. Onward we go, people.


  1. You are not alone dear sister! Yes, practicality wins.

  2. Charlene, thanks for stopping by. As a fellow blogger and sister in the Lord, your comment means a lot to me.


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