Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tip of the Day (How to pit a cherry)

I'm creating a new blog post category. Let's call it tip of the day. Here's the first one.

Here's how to remove the pit from a cherry if you don't own one of those fancy cherry pitters (which I've been meaning to get but this method has been working for several years now, so why rush it?)

Materials needed: 1. Large straw (at our house we call them "smoothie straws"). 2. A cherry (complete with pit).

Place one end of straw over the stem of the cherry.

Push the straw through the cherry.

Squeeze the end of the straw to remove the cherry stem, core, and pit. 
Repeat process.

This method works very well. It doesn't take long to work through a bowl of cherries. 

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