Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Book Musings (Do More Better) Part 6

Do More BetterT.

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In my review of Do More Better by Tim Challies, so far, I've worked through the book chapter by chapter and given my thoughts and shared some of my examples. Chapters 5-8 are about the tools you can use to carry out the foundation you set in chapters 1-4. Truthfully, the author lost me a bit in these chapters. It's not that I lost interest, I had a hard time following the information.
All of the tools that he recommended are electronic tools that required set up. The concepts were also new to me. He recommended a tool to manage your tasks, a tool to manage your calendar, and a tool to manage your information.

The tool recommended for task management is Todoist.
The tool recommended for information management is Evernote.
The tool recommended for calendar management is Google Calendar.

All the above-mentioned tools are free tools, and they are useful tools. The author walks the reader through his own personal system for each tool. I had to go very slowly through this section. I eventually mastered the setup as proposed by the author and later was able to make it my own. This part of the productivity plan is still a work in progress for me. The tool I have enjoyed the most, to my surprise, has been Google Calendar. I've found that having an app on my phone that allows me to manage my calendar is very useful. I'm remembering more appointments and birthdays now.

Chapters 9 and 10 walk the reader through living the productivity system you set up and maintaining it. This section is very well thought out.

All in all, I'm more productive for having read the book, and I definitely have a better idea of why I want to be productive in the first place. I didn't connect with all of the information in the book, however. I feel the "tools" section is geared specifically toward a man in his 40's who is math-minded, results driven, and very technologically savvy, and none of those qualifications do I possess (okay, except the 40's part). That being said, this book is well worth the read, and I hope you will do so.

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