Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Book Musings (Do More Better) Part 5

Do More Better
This post will cover chapter 4 of Tim Challies' book Do More Better on the subject of productivity. To see the previous posts on this subject check out the Labels section on the side bar menu of this blog, and click on the "Do More Better" label.

Chapter 4 is titled "State Your Mission", and this chapter walks the reader through defining a mission statement for each previously identified area of responsibility. The mission statements are not meant to be "fixed and unchanging" but rather "living" statements that can grow and change over time as life takes its course. I understand this concept because I have had a personal mission statement for my job for several years now, and I have tweaked it over time as I have grown and my job has grown.

In this chapter, Tim Challies gives a few examples of his personal mission statements for some of his areas of responsibility and then gives explanation for them. I'll share one example with you from the book, and over the next few posts, I'll share my own mission statements for each area of responsibility and some of my reasoning behind them.

Here's one of Tim Challies' examples from Chapter 4, "State Your Mission":

Area of Responsibility: Personal

Mission Statement: "Delight in God to the glory of God for the good of all people."

Explanation: "I believe that if I am delighting in God, my delight brings glory to God and overflows into doing good for other people. I am a better father, a better husband, a better pastor, and a better neighbor when I am finding my delight in the Lord. In short, I am at my most productive when I am most delighting in God." --Tim Challies

Stay tuned in the days ahead for my own mission statements for each area of responsibility.

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