Sunday, May 22, 2016

Book Musings (Do More Better) Mission Statements (Church)

I'm continuing to work through my experience with reading Do More Better by Tim Challies. To see the rest of the posts on this subject, go to the Labels section on the side bar men of this blog and click on the label "Do More Better". Currently, I'm working through chapter 4 and posting my mission statements for each area of life.

4. Area of Responsibility: Church

Mission Statement: To love and serve the people of  Bible Baptist Church as we walk side by side in our Christian walk. To glorify God in my opportunities to lead and teach the women and young people of the church.

Explanation: I think the first part of the statement explains itself. As to the second part of the statement, I believe God has given me many formal and informal opportunities to lead and teach the women and young people of our church (from friendships to assisting with women's leadership to teaching classes to mentoring and discipling others), and I believe it brings glory to God to take these roles seriously and do them well. 

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