Saturday, May 21, 2016

Book Musings (Do More Better) Mission Statements (Relationships)

I'm continuing to work through my experience with reading Do More Better by Tim Challies. To see the rest of the posts on this subject, go to the Labels section on the side bar menu of this blog and click on the label "Do More Better". Currently, I'm working through chapter 4 and posting my mission statements for each area of life.

3. Area of Responsibility: Relationships

Mission Statement: To view every relationship in my life (whether temporary or permanent) as God-given entities and to maintain those relationships as a way to glorify God and do good to others. 

Explanation: It might seem like a contradiction to say "whether temporary or permanent" and then to say "to maintain those relationships". Let me explain. I once heard this statement said about relationships and have found it to be true in life: "Some relationships in life are for a reason, some are for a season, and some are for a lifetime." Sometimes you meet people and they are in your life for a very specific reason (example: a doctor who cares for you during a medical experience, the boss at your job during your time of employment, etc.). Sometimes you meet people and they are in your life during a specific season of time (while you lived in that state, while you attended that conference, while took that class, etc.), Sometimes you meet people and they are in your life for a lifetime (relatives, good friends, church members, etc). All meeting of people forms a relationship. It might be a 5-minute relationship or it might be a 40-year relationship or somewhere in between. No relationship is accidental. All relationships are brought into our lives by God. All relationships have purpose and function, whether permanent or temporary. I want to view all relationships God brings into my life as worthy of spending time on them, as a way to make God known and glorify Him, and as an opportunity to do good to others.

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