Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bible Musings (66 in 66)


A couple weeks ago, in keeping with our church theme this year of "Diligence" our pastor challenged the congregation to read all 66 books of the Bible in 66 days. That would be a book a day. I said, "I take that challenge." It starts February 1 (today) and goes through April 7. Though February is chock full of events I've already committed myself to participating in and/or completing, I didn't want to miss this opportunity to be in God's Word in a specific way for a specific time with God's people.

Shortly after our pastor presented this challenge to our church the Desiring God website posted this article about reading whole books of the Bible in one sitting. It even breaks down the timeline a bit, so I thought I would present it here for those who are interested.

I thought as long as I am doing the reading, I might as well post about it too. My plan is to post a few verses a day from each book and perhaps a few of my own thoughts about the experience along the way.

Feel free to read along with me if you'd like.

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