Friday, August 16, 2013

Book Musings (The Little Red Book of Wisdom)

A few weeks ago, I finished reading the The Little Red Book of Wisdom by Mark DeMoss. Mark DeMoss is the brother of Nancy Leigh DeMoss (host of Revive Our Hearts radio program). I heard him speaking about this book on "Revive Our Hearts" a couple years ago and was intrigued. If I had to put this book in a genre, then I guess I would say "business" or "leadership principles". That being said, there is much to learn from this book. It definitely spoke of the value of leading a life of intentionality. Every decision Mark DeMoss makes (or at least describes in the book) is well-thought out and intentional. He even devotes a whole chapter to the value of thinking (and recommends a book about thinking).

If you are familiar with Nancy Leigh DeMoss at all, then you would know that her father died when she was 21. Mark DeMoss was 17 years old when his father died. Through the ministry of Revive Our Hearts and now through "The Little Red Book Wisdom" I've been impacted by the huge influence a godly father had on his children and the value of intentionally instilling a love for Jesus into your family. I'm particularly struck by it because Nancy was 21 when her father died, and she is the oldest of 7 children. Yet the younger children who have told their stories publicly seem to be just as impacted. The first couple chapters of this book were dedicated to sharing what Mark DeMoss learned from his father.

The book ends with a well-done gospel presentation. This is a quick read, a fascinating read, and an edifying read. I highly recommend it, and I think it would make a great gift as well.

P.S. Click on the label "My Latest Read" on the right-hand side of this page, to read excerpts from this book as I was reading it.

The Little Red Book of Wisdom

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