Thursday, June 6, 2013

Katrina's Musings (depression)

If you know a Christian who deals with depression on an ongoing basis (or situational), I would recommend this resource to them: Depression: The Way Up When You Are Down by Edward Welch. It's a small (28-paged) Biblically-based booklet about depression. I've yet to read a better booklet on the subject than this one.

The opening line was this:

"It is technically called depression, but it can't be captured by a word. You feel numb, yet your head hurts; empty, yet inside there are screams; fatigue, yet fears abound. Things that were once pleasures now barely hold your attention. Your brain feels like it is in a fog. You feel weighted down ..."

It had my attention from sentence one, because anyone who has experienced depression (of a clinical, ongoing type or situtational in nature) could identify with what was being said.

This little booklet contains theology and practical steps to maneuver through depression. I highly recommend keeping a copy on hand, reading it, and offering it as a resource when the opportunity presents itself.

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