Friday, June 14, 2013

Evangelism Musings

They're back!

About five years ago, I spent some time writing a gospel tract that I could hand out to people. I wanted something that contained a small portion of my story, an awareness of sin and what that means in regards to our status before God, and the good news of the gospel message. I also knew that if the tract contained the message in the way that I presented it in person then I would likely be able to answer questions that arise from it (instead of defending or explaining phrases that I might not normally use but are part of an otherwise very clear gospel tract). 

I set out to write the tract. I read it. I re-read it. I edited it. I cut parts out of it. I added things to it. I asked my Pastor to read it. He edited it. He suggested cutting things out of it. He suggested adding things to it. I asked my good friend, Kim, to read it. She edited it. She suggested cutting things out of it ... I think you get the picture. I went through that same editing process with my husband, Greg. I took the wise counsel I received from these trusted parties and edited accordingly. Finally, I (we, actually) arrived at the completed product. Kim helped me come up with a title line for the tract (I wanted "An American Christian Story"--Kim said "No Way!" and that, along with her facial expression and body language that seemed to imply the very idea repulsed her, compelled me to reconsider the idea. We decided on "If I Knew Then What I Know Now"). Greg questioned me for my ideas on how I would like it to look and then desinged the cover for me (Greg is a talented graphic designer by trade and hobby, so I knew I'd be happy with what he arranged for me). The logo on the front cover came from half of a logo Kim had designed for us when we did a little public speaking to women's groups a few years back. After Greg designed the cover, he sent it to a printer. They are printed in lots of 500. We are on our third printing, which means we have now handed out 1,000 of my little gospel tract booklets. To God be the glory! This time we doubled the order and had 1,000 printed. I was scraping the bottom of the barrell with what I have left, so I was happy to see that third order come in. 

Click here to read the contents of this gospel tract (it's the very first post I ever put on my blog). 

I would urge all Christians to consider writing out your own gospel tract. If not for the benefit of knowing and taking part of what is written in it then for the experience of articulating the gospel in a way that can be understood by anyone. You will definitely grow in Christ through the experience (and I wouldn't be surprised if you hand a few more gospel tracts than you do now as a result). 

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