Monday, May 27, 2013

Katrina's Musings (Gospel Meditations/Missions-Day 19)

"The Lord had called Paul to carry His name before the Gentiles and to suffer much for the sake of His name (Acts 9:15-16). Thus, Paul's great passion was that Christ be 'proclaimed' and that Christ be 'honored' in [his] body, whether by life or death' (Philippians 1:18-20). If you had asked Paul, 'Why are you evangelizing?' he would reply, 'Because I want the name of Jesus to be magnified in all nations.' Is God's name your heartbeat? Does it bother you that the non-Christians around you are not magnifying Christ's name? If not, ask the Lord to give you a fresh glimpse of His unrivaled majesty today.

Let the Gospel's advance be your heartbeat.

Gospel Meditations for Missions--The Evangelist's Heartbeat--Day 19

My Thoughts:

If you have a copy of "Gospel Meditations for Missions", I would highly recommend reading the devotional for Day 19. It would be silly for me to quote the entire entry for the day on this blog, so I didn't do that (though I was tempted), but one tiny quote doesn't do it justice. There is much to think about and take action on within this one little reading, so I definitely suggest checking it out for yourself. 


  1. This book sounds really thought provoking, Katrina. I'd love to have this on my Kindle but it looks to be out of print and only available at the link you provided. Very reasonably priced, thanks for sharing this gem!

  2. You're welcome,Charlene. I agree with you, a Kindle version would be nice. I looked for that as well.
    I would also recommend checking out "Gospel Meditations for Women", another gem for sure.

  3. I'll be sure to check that out too.


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