Friday, May 24, 2013

Katrina's Musings (Gospel Meditations/Missions-Day 16)

"For ten days following Jesus' ascension, His followers waited in Jerusalem, as ordered (Acts 1:4-5). 'Suddenly,' on Pentecost morning, the Holy Spirit came upon them in a new and powerful way (Acts 2:2). His arrival was announced by three signs: a rushing wind (Acts 2:2), flames of fire that hovered over each of their heads (Acts 2:3), and the ability to speak in unknown languages (Acts 2:4). The last of these gets the most press, but the first two are stunning. They take us  back to two Old Testament parallels--other times when God 'moved in' to a new home. When Moses dedicated the tabernacle, Jehovah showed His presence  by filling the tabernacle with His glory and hovering over it as a cloudy or fiery pillar (Exodus 40:34-38). Similarly, when Solomon dedicated the temple, God's 'housewarming' was demonstrated by an overwhelming cloud of fire descending from heaven as God's glory filled the temple (2 Chronicles 5:13-14). Those same signs--most notably the hovering flames--were now present at Pentecost, powerfully portraying God's residence in a new temple; the church of Jesus Christ, and the individuals who comprise it! God's mediating presence on earth was no longer a stationary tent or building but a people (1 Corinthians 3:16-17). Worship was no longer tied to Jerusalem, the new temple--the church!--was commanded and enabled to "Go!" to the nations." 

Gospel Meditations for Missions--Pentecost & Missions--Day 16

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