Thursday, May 16, 2013

Katrina's Musings (Gospel Meditations/Missions-Day 8)

So there is one flock, one Shepherd......John 10:16

"A need for unity isn't simply about 'getting along with each other.' It's about something so much bigger--It's about the cross. In Ephesians 2 we are reminded that Christ's work on the cross not only brings us into fellowship with the Father, but also into fellowship with all other believers. The most stunning--perhaps even uncomfortable--point Paul made to his initial, first century audience was that there was no spiritual difference between two culturally different groups--Jewish believers and Gentile believers. Their cultural distinctions were deep and defining, but the significance of those differences was abolished by His death on the cross."

Let the Gospel free you to love Christians who are different from you. 

Gospel Meditations for Missions--The Cross Is The Center--Day 8


Today is Thursday, and I'm writing this at the end of the day. Thursday is the day our church meets for Bible Study and Prayer Meeting as a congregation. Currently, our women's ministry at church is reading through Gospel Meditations for Missions (Church Works) in the month of May (and that's why I've been posting a quote from it every day). I read the devotional for today early this morning. As you may have gathered from the information posted above, the focus for today was on unity between fellow believers, particularly unity between believers who may practice their faith differently from each other. God returned my mind to what I read this morning many, many times throughout the day. It is safe to say, I was meditating on the information. When the late afternoon arrived, I had the rare opportunity to return home from work before heading off to church for the evening (which really made me want to stay there for the evening). As it was time to head off to church, I wasn't feeling well (further evidence to me that I might need to stay home), I had a bit of an earache and felt like a cold was coming on. I decided to push through it, and go to church but had told myself I would leave after the message and before prayer time (Greg was working this evening--so I felt I had some "wiggle room" to change plans at my whim). The message this evening came from a video as we're currently working through a video evangelism series at our church. (Evantell--Seeds). I'm glad I was there, as God used it to strengthen me in my faith. After some testimonies were given (also glad I didn't miss those) and prayer requests were taken, our small congregation split up into groups to pray with each other. Two young women were visiting this evening, Betty and Sarah. They were from Maine. They have been on a three-month road trip across country and were now on their return trip back home. Since they landed in Minnesota that day, they searched the Internet for churches in the area with a Thursday evening service, and we (Bible Baptist Church) popped up (they later shared with me that they had been doing that throughout the entire trip). As the crowd dispersed, Betty and Sarah turned around, and I caught their attention and asked if they would like to pray with me. Though it was clear that Betty and Sarah may practice their Christian faith in a church that is different from ours, it was also apparent that they prayed to a God that they knew and loved. It was a sweet time of fellowship and prayer.

I continue to marvel at the ways in which God works when I am faithful to seek Him during the day (in the Bible and with Gospel-centered devotional material). He uses the information to counsel me throughout the day, keep me focused on Him, and change my mind when necessary. He is most definitely a sovereign, wise, and personal God.

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