Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hallowed Be His Name

On her radio program Revive Our Hearts, Nancy Leigh Demoss has been working through a series on the Lord's prayer. She has been taking the verses, breaking them down phrase by phrase, and teaching on them. I thought what she had to say on "hallowing the name of God" was worth repeating here.

"The opposite of hallowing (reverencing) God's name is profaning it. What does it mean to profane His name? To treat it as something common. We're not just talking about His name. We're saying that His name represents His character, His attributes, all that He is. To treat God as common or ordinary is to profane His name. To disregard Him, to disrespect Him, or [to do what some people do and that is] overtly trample on His character. But we can profane God's name by going through hours of the day without even thinking about Him. We're treating Him as if He were common or ordinary, not Other or Transcendent and special, to use His name or to refer in any way to God with a lack of reverence or respect or in any way that would reflect negatively on His character. 

One of the things that God has been convicting me about in this study is that my response to pressure gives the world a view of God. When I whine, when I let myself be overwhelmed by my circumstances rather than filled with a vision and a view of God, I am profaning the name of God.........God is jealous for His name, God is jealous for His character, and He considers it a serious offense for us to cheapen it in anyway or to allow anything to dim His glory. When my complaining or murmuring or bickering or resenting or sinning in anyway dims the glory of God, I have caused His name to be profaned rather than hallowed. And God takes that seriously........God's children are concerned for the reputation of their Father's name to be upheld." ---- Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Matthew 6:9

The part about "how we respond to pressure reflects on the character of God" struck a chord with me. I am in a new job position at my workplace and often feel a tremendous amount of pressure as I learn how to do the job. I have spent hours thinking about how I am responding to the pressure around me and does it look any different than the response the world has to pressure (Am I getting short and rude with those around me? Do I lean on something else--chocolate, caffeine--to get me through the day? Do I justify my behavior with the pressure of my circumstances? Do I give in to the temptation to be dishonest in order to complete the tasks in front of me?). So, Nancy's teaching on this passage has been tremendously helpful to me. There is no better way to examine what you are doing than under the light of God's Word. It simply cannot be argued with.

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