Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mentoring Musings (Think)

This post is specifically aimed toward the young people. If I would give one piece of advice for how to live life it would be this: Think.

Think as you proceed through life. Think about your decisions before you make them. Think about how this piece connects to that one. Think deeply about God. Ponder who He is and why you are here. 

You may assume it would be hard to get through life without thinking, but that's not true. A remarkable amount of life can be lived without thinking, simply doing. An even larger amount of life can be lived without thinking deeply about God. 

I spent my late teens all the way through my twenties making decisions without thinking. I simply acted and then reacted OR (even more dangerously) I reacted and then acted. I followed rules, made friends, worked at what I did but thought very little about what I was doing and thought even less about God (even though I called myself a Christian). 

In my early thirties I began thinking about life, about the decisions I had made, about the complete absence of consulting God in anything that I did. On paper and in theory I would have said that God controlled my decisions and my life. One day I started thinking and wondering if that was really true. I knew it wasn't. The more I really thought about life the more depressed I became, deeply depressed. At that point, it was too hard to think about it. The reality of my thoughtless existence to that point was crushing. It was only the mercy of God and forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ that cleared my guilty conscience and opened my mind to thought again. I couldn't stop thinking after that. I wanted to think deeply about God, ponder who He is and why He put me here on earth. 

Young person, don't waste your youth (or twenties and thirties) on frivolous activity. If you believe in God, know why you believe. Do you possess your own faith or that of your parents?

Think my young friends, and think deeply. 

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