Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Katrina's Musings (The Pusuit of God, Chapter 3)

Lord, how excellent are Your ways, and how devious and dark are the ways of man. Show us how to die, that we may rise again to newness of life. Rend the veil of our self-life from the top down as You did rend the  veil of the Temple. We would draw near in full assurance of faith. We would dwell with You in daily experience here on earth so that we may be accustomed to the glory when we enter Your heaven to dwell with You there. Amen

Prayer from the Pursuit of God (A.W. Tozer), end of chapter 3 (adaptation)


  1. Excellent prayer. We own this book but I haven't read it yet!

  2. Oh, Charlene. I highly recommend you read that book! I have had it on my shelf for about two years (picked it up at the Good Will for 99 cents). I started reading it about a week ago. It is fantastic! I'm sure some it is that the Lord is meeting me right where I am right now with that book, but I can't put it down. I met with one of my friends for breakfast the other day, and I had to read three pages from the book to her before I could let her leave the restaurant. The author's exposition of Scripture within the book leaves you wanting to run to the Bible for more.


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