Friday, August 3, 2012

Galatians and Discipline

I have been been studying the book of Galatians in my personal Bible reading time lately. Normally, I read a few verses, stop and write down a few things, read a few more verses, stop and write, usually making it through a chapter (maybe two) a day. This time around, I have been disciplining myself to read the the entire book of Galatians (only 6 chapters) in one sitting, then write and process the information. I made myself read it through at least three times before I wrote a single note about it. It has been a challenge for me but has opened up my understanding of the book of Galatians. By reading it in its entirety, I have picked up the context of the verses and the theme of the book. I plan to continue studying the book of Galatians through the end of this month (so stay tuned for more thoughts on it).

I encourage you to pick a small book of the Bible (to start), read through the whole thing for a few days in a row and see how it opens up your understanding of that book (so fun!)


  1. Hi Katrina,

    I've heard that studying in this way is much better than stopping to analyze and look up words as you read (which is my habit). I think that's why it's better to memorize whole chapters of the Bible instead of one or two verses. You've encouraged me to give this a try--and it will certainly be a challenge to read through without stopping!

  2. Charlene,
    Let me know how it goes. I think you'll really enjoy how it increases your understanding of the book.


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