Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Workplace Musings 07/18/12

I am currently reading Discipline: The Glad Surrender by Elisabeth Elliot. I recently read the chapter titled: The Discipline of Work. Within that chapter, the author spoke of relationship between person and work being different for a Christian because ultimately we are slaves to Christ, and our work is performed out of that realization. She went on to say this:

"The Christian attitude toward work is truly revolutionary. Think what it would do to the economy and the entire fabric of life if the question were asked daily, in the kitchen, in the office, the school room, the plant: "Who is your Master?" And the answer were given: "Christ is my Master, whose slave I am." It would transform in a stroke not only the worker's attitude toward the boss, but his attitude toward those who work with him. No longer would he be scheming ways to outdo them, cheat them, gain preference over them in the employer's eyes. He would not be seeking ways to evade work that he doesn't like and getting someone else to do it. It would change his attitude toward the work itself because he would do it not for show, not for promotion or bonuses or compliments or the free trip to Las Vegas, but with single-mindedness, for Christ. It would change the quality of the work, for he has a master who sees what no other overseer can spot: not only every detail of the work done, but the intentions of the heart. The workman would know that the work, no matter how demeaning it might otherwise be, however routine, how humble, really does not matter. It will be noticed." (pages 128-129)

So, I leave you with this question today (as I've asked myself) "Who is your Master?"

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