Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not Your Average Conference Part 2

As mentioned in Saturday's post, I spent the day at the Psalm 119 conference sponsored by Wretched Radio (see Saturday's post for details).

I thought I would share a couple of experiences I had with some of the conference attendees.

Sitting to the left of me, I met Carol and her daughter Courtney. They lived in Illinois and drove to the conference in MN. Courtney was 12 years old. She was a lovely young lady. We had opportunity to chat throughout the breaks during the conference, and I walked next to her during the hike through the streets of St. Paul to the candy store. She was quiet but very willing to engage in conversation. I was impressed with the maturity of a 12 year old attending a conference on the Holy Spirit. I pray God continues to keep her close to Him.

When I arrived at Cosetta's Italian restaurant on Saturday evening, I ordered some food and then sat upstairs at a small table in the corner. I was sitting at the table for about 30 seconds when a woman came across the restaurant and said, "Are you here alone?" I said, "Yes." And she said, "Come, sit with me." So, I did. (She was another conference attender though I had not met her at the church). Her name was Lidia. She also had driven from Illinois to attend the conference (funny enough, most of the people I met that day were not from Minnesota). It only took a few words from Lidia to realize she probably wasn't born in Illinois. I inquired about her accent, and she said she was from Poland (had been in America for about 16 years, though). As I talked more with Lidia and she told me stories from her life, some of the past details didn't add up with the life of a Christian. She could see me putting these pieces together, and she said, "I've only been saved for three months." I asked her to tell me her story, so she did.

She said she had grown up in a Christian family (her grandfather was a pastor), and she had graduated from Bible College, but fell into a sinful lifestyle, which led to two children outside of marriage. Through a series of circumstances (that mostly involved revenge) she found herself at a Bible-preaching church and was feeling confronted by her lifestyle. What she was hearing from the pulpit and seeing in the people around her were not consistent with what she was living out herself. She said she knew something was wrong and that led her to "googling" the phrase "how to get saved" while home alone one day. She said the first page her search brought her to was "Wretched Radio". She e-mailed them with her question. Some time passed, and she received an e-mail from Todd Friel. Through a series of e-mails, he shared the gospel with her. She repented of her sins, and God graciously regenerated her heart.

When Lidia heard of the conference in Minnesota, she found a sitter for the kids, hopped in her car and drove 6 hours or so to be part of it.

As I talked with Courtney and listened to the story of Lidia I marveled at how God continues to use the preaching of the gospel to draw people unto Him. No circumstance is too big or too small. He orchestrates all the details to come together at exactly the right time.

I'm grateful God is using Wretched Radio, local churches, and His people to preach the gospel. May we not stop till we see His face, and may He receive all the glory for it!


  1. This is so wonderful to hear! I, too, marvel at our wondrous God.

  2. Beautiful sharing, Katrina!! God bless you for your faithful obedience to our amazing Savior! It was wonderful meeting you at the Psalm 119 Conference earlier this month. My daughter was also touched by her conversations with you, the pamphlet with your testimony, and your blog. Our testimonies are very similar, including our timelines (I was 12 when I first [erroneously] believed I was a Christian, but 39 when I actually understood my desparate need for a Savior). What an AMAZING God we serve!!!!

    Grace and peace to you, my sister!

    Carol (mother to Courtney; Rockford, IL)

  3. Carol,
    Thank you so much for your post and for sharing a bit of your testimony here. My only regret of the day was that I didn't have a longer conversation with you! But, I did thoroughly enjoy sitting next to Courtney. She is a lovely young lady. I'm glad to have met you both.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments, Katrina! Lord willing, perhaps we can catch up better at next year's Psalm 119 conference!!



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