Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not Your Average Conference Part 1

Today I spent the day at the Psalm 119 conference sponsored by Wretched Radio. The theme of the conference  was the Holy Spirit. The speakers were Phil Johnson (Grace to You ministries in California), Milton Vincent (Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church in California, author of A Gospel Primer for Christians), RW Glenn (Redeemer Bible Church in Minnesota), and Todd Friel (Wretched Radio in Georgia). The teaching was phenomenal! I left there loving Jesus more than I had when I entered the doors (which is everything I would hope for in a Christian conference). As I compose my thoughts and review my notes, I hope to share some of what I learned (on the blog) in the days ahead.

Before the conference started, David Wheaton hosted his radio program, The Christian Worldview live from the conference stage. I listen to The Christian Worldview radio program weekly (it is the program Greg and I are most likely to discuss every week "So, did you listen to this week's Christian Worldview yet? What did you think of....?", so it was a treat to be part of the audience during the live airing/taping.

A week before the Psalm 119 conference in MN, all attendees received this e-mail from Todd Friel/Wretched Radio:

Post Psalm 119 Dinner!

How’s about dinner at a great Italian joint AFTER the conference?
Five reasons to make plans to join us.

1. The food will be great.
2. The prices are cheap.
3. We will walk to Candy Land as a group when we are done eating.
4. You will see St. Paul….a great European flavored town.
5. You will see the State Capitol, the St. Paul Cathedral (amazing) and Mickey’s Diner!

Now, here are five reasons to NOT join us.

1. St. Paul is on the opposite side of town from the conference.
2. Cossetta’s Restaurant is PACKED on Saturday nights.
3. Saturday’s are packed AND they are remodeling.
4. Parking is nuts.
5. We won’t be able to sit together…just near one another.

If you are in the mood for a crazy night, find your way to Cossetta’s after the conference.

211 7th Street West
Saint Paul, MN 55102

You should be able to get there by 6 pm if you leave the conference in a somewhat timely manner.
It is every man for himself at Cossettas! Get your food and sit wherever you can.

We will then meet OUTSIDE the restaurant on the W. 7th Street at 7:15pm.
From there we will march to Candy Land (about four blocks away).

Todd will be your tour guide.
If the weather is crummy….fuggetabout it. We aren’t going to go (your tour guide is a baby).
We will make that call at the conference.

Yep, this could be the dummest idea of all time.
Then again, it might be a ton of fun!

Your call.

You have been warned!

See you soon.


I thought, "Hmm, that sounds crazy! Fun, perhaps, but crazy." Greg was working that day so wasn't able to attend the conference with me, which I knew would lessen my chances even further that I would drive from Minneapolis to St. Paul after the conference.

But, at the conference the people sitting next to me and the people sitting in front of me asked me if I was going to dinner afterwards and said they would be going. So, then I started to consider it. The conference had an attendance of about 400 people, so I was very curious as to what kind of crowd would show up afterwards. So, with the help of my new smart phone (complete with GPS), after the conference, I trekked over to St. Paul, braved the parking, ate dinner with another conference attendee, and then headed off to Candy Land with the Psalm 119 gang (which ended up being about 30 people, including Todd Friel and his family). It was pretty fun! I'm glad I went.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Katrina. What a blessed time it was!!!


  2. I agree, Carol. It was a blessed time. And it was largely your encouragement that prompted me to go to the "St. Paul" portion of the day. Thank you for that!

  3. You are SO welcome, Katrina!! :)



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