Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hospital Visits

I recently had opportunity to visit a friend in the hospital, and she told me no one has ever visited her in the hospital (it wasn't her first stay).

Do you visit people in the hospital? I can say without a doubt that it is the number one way I am allowed to share the gospel with long-time friends, friends from the past, coworkers, new acquaintances. I never show up for a hospital visit without something that contains the gospel (whether it be a card, a tract, a Bible, a Christian book, or myself). Some of my deepest conversations with people have been in hospital rooms. Even if they're just there for a broken finger; hospital stays often, not always, but often, produce soul-bearing effects. It can be a very uncomplicated way to visit with people (you can show up unannounced and they're waiting for you). I find God always providentially works out the timing on such events.

And here's the thing about hospital visits: You never know when they will happen (even baby deliveries and scheduled surgeries have an element of surprise to them), so you have to be ready. I often keep a "hospital pack" in my vehicle. It contains a Bible, gospel of John booklets, gospel tracts, and get-well cards. I encourage you to consider this "ministry opportunity" in the future. I'm not sure who will receive the greater benefit (the visitee or the visitor).

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  1. This is a great post and one that deserves a big "Amen"!

    So many of our Christian brothers and sisters spend time in a hospital without ever receiving a friendly visit from those outside of family (Sometimes not even that).

    Hospitals can be scary places for even the most macho among us (I'm not that macho, but hospitals are the last place I want to be...and over my lifetime, I have spent a lot of time in them as a patient).

    A simple call is the very least we can do and taking a few minutes out of our day to go visit goes a long way toward helping attitude and the "down in the dumps" while laying in a bed sometimes far from home.

    Having a "Hospital Pack" is a great idea because you never know who you are going to run into while you are there.

    Like I always tell my WOTM class; where ever you are, there is your mission field!

    Great post Katrina!


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