Saturday, May 26, 2012

Evangelism Focus 05/26/12

Today, I'd like to share with you three videos (parts 1, 2, & 3) of Jeff Allen (comedian) giving his testimony. It's a compelling testimony (and sometimes raw in its content). It's worth taking the time to watch it. I've made my comments at the bottom of this post.

This testimony reminds me much of my own. The circumstances are different, but the utter lostness of my soul and Jeff's are the same. We also shared in common the complete befuddlement as to the purpose and meaning of life if it wasn't just happiness. I also related when he spoke of how intimately God knows us and how he uses the circumstances (and sometimes people) around us to draw us to Him; how very personal He makes it. And it resonated with me when he spoke of getting "downwind of one's self" and realizing the great sinner I am and that it was my sin that put Jesus on the cross. And I understood when he spoke of reading in the Bible about Jesus "an innocent" the "lamb" that was led to slaughter. I was brought back to the moment when I understood the "good news" of the gospel message for the first time.

Since this testimony impacted me, I thought it was worth sharing with you.

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