Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scripture Minded

I have several godly friends in my life who follow hard after the Lord, some live near and some live far from me. Two friends in particular are very Scripture minded. When I reach out to them for prayer or counsel, they always counsel me with Scripture. This is so appreciated and something I wish to model in my own life.

Last week, I had to travel to Georgia for some work training. I'm generally not afraid to be alone, but in this case I did have a bit of apprehension about the whole car-renting/driving-an-hour-in-the-dark-on-unfamiliar-roads-to-get-to-my-hotel experience, not to mention the pressure of learning a new job.

Currrently, my friend Kim and I are in the process of memorizing Psalm 119 (we're taking this whole year-ish to do this). Because she knew of some of the things going on in my head concerning this trip, she suggested we take a verse each day from what we were memorizing and counsel our minds with it. So, each day she called my cell phone and left a message with the "verse of the day" and application for the day. God used this greatly in my life during the week.

I'm very grateful for godly, Scripture-minded friends. I want to be one too!

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