Monday, February 13, 2012

Evangelism Focus 02/13/12

A quote from yesterday's sermon at church (sermon on Acts chapter 4):

"Don't pray for opportunities to witness. Forget that prayer. Forget it! There are opportunities to witness every time you go to WalMart, every time you go to the bank, every time you go to the store, every time you go to the mechanic. Every time you see another living and breathing person, they are the opportunity. Forget about the prayers for opportunities for witness because they are there. They are there with every pair of eyes you make contact with. There's your opportunity. Forget that prayer. It's a wrong-headed prayer. Pray for boldness! That is what the church [of Acts] prayed for. Pray for boldness. Because if we are honest with this, we are not concerned about the opportunities. We are concerned about their words and looks. Pray for boldness just like the church [of Acts] did."

--Doug Roman (Bible Baptist Church, February 12, 2012)

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