Friday, January 27, 2012

New Bible

For Christmas this year, I asked for a new Bible, and my husband kindly gave me one. When I first became a Christian, I discovered the John MacArthur Study Bible. I purchased a hard cover New King James version of it and used it until the cover started to fall off. Our church uses the New English Standard version so Greg and I purchased a Crossway ESV Study Bible when they first came out. It is a good Bible with comprehensive notes but slightly too scholarly for me in its presentation. I've always enjoyed the way John MacArthur presents his study notes and I seem to be able to divide historical note from personality and opinion with him. He now has the ESV Study Bible version available (which was not available until recently). So, that is what my husband gave me, a lovely leather bound John MacArthur ESV study Bible (even put my name on it). I look forward to the two of us growing old together (okay the three of us, myself, the Bible, and Greg). 

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  1. Oh!!Joy so sweet .love it growing old to gather.


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