Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Workplace Musings 11/22/11

I gave this post the "Workplace Musings" title because that is the place where the particular issue I'm about to address comes up the most. It's the issue of blasphemy, using the name of our Lord God in vain. To my shame, far too often I stand by as others blaspheme the name of my God without saying a word. It is far too common an occurrence in the workplace these days.

I was listening to a recording of Randy Alcorn speaking on the issue of the persecuted church, and he suggested saying something like this concerning the subject of blasphemy when done in your presence:

"Excuse me, could I ask you something? Could I make a request? In light of the fact that Jesus Christ is my best friend, He is Lord, and I believe that with all my heart, I would ask that you not dishonor his name in my presence."

A few years ago, I did address this issue with a coworker with whom I spent most of my day. She was annoyed with me (which I think will likely happen no matter what is said), but I didn't address it nearly as eloquently or as thought out as Randy Alcorn presented it in the above paragraph. I appreciated his attention to the subject and the provocation to thought on the matter.

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