Friday, October 21, 2011

Passion and Purity

I recently read Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot. It is the story of the courtship between Jim and Elisabeth Elliot (missionaries in Ecuador) before their wedding in 1953.

The book was given to me by my friend Jenny. She purchased it at a garage sale because "everyone should read this". The book contained an inscription that read like this:


This is written by a woman who had found God's match for her. I pray that you will learn from Elisabeth's wisdom and grow closer to your Savior in the process.

In love with Christ,
Amanda (12/99)

I'm thinking Holly was not quite aware of what she had here (or it wouldn't have ended up in a garage sale). Anytime you have opportunity to read a book by Elisabeth Elliot (especially a free one put into your hands), I suggest you seize the moment. She takes every thought and views it through the lens of Scripture. She is a treat to read, and I guarantee you will come away provoked to deeper thoughts about God.

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