Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Evangelism Tips

Here are a few tips from the Fish With Trish website. I incorporated her tract/treat bags idea this year into my own Halloween plan .

Here are some of my own tips I've used in the past:
  • I buy full size candy bars (I recall from my trick-or-treating days that you remember the houses that give out the big candy bars with eagerness to return).
  • I usually tape our church business card to the back of the candy bar and hand it out with a gospel tract.
  • For the older kids, I give out a DVD (with the candy, of course). I favor the the "Why Christianity" DVD put out by Living Waters ministry (I look for specials on these throughout the year and buy in bulk allowing me to purchase them for $1.00 a video).
  • I also like the curved illusion tracts by Living Waters ministry. It fits well with the "trick or treat" theme of the evening (also demonstrated in Trish's video).

Happy Evangelism Day!

Halloween Postscript:

I had another ministry/evangelism opportunity come up last minute that took me away from home during the prime trick-or-treating hour this evening. Greg said he would take over for me on the home front. I called him right before the evening's activities began, and he announced "I made a Jack O' Lantern". I said, "Why?" He said, "If I'm going to stay home and hand out candy, I want a Jack O' Lantern." (okay--works for me). Never being one to do things half way, Greg found an image he wanted to use on the Internet (Felix the cat, He said, "It must have a happy face" and Felix the cat fit that criteria). He printed it, cut it out, used it as a pattern. He then used his dremel drill to carve the image into the pumpkin and used a small light bulb to light it up. I think he did a fantastic job! So, our evening ended in a photo shoot, and the results are posted below.

Candy, gospel tracts, and a fancy Jack O' Lantern--sounds like Halloween to me.

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