Friday, September 30, 2011

Evangelism Focus 09/30/11

About a week ago, we added a few new members to the congregation of Bible Baptist Church in Otsego, MN. As one man stood up to give his testimony of salvation before the congregation, he started it with these words, "Those of you in this church who give out gospel tracts, don't stop." He went on to say that God used a gospel tract (the message therein, actually) to save him from his sins. He said the gospel tracts were continually left in the lunchroom at his place of employment. He would pick them up, read them, and throw them away (even grumbling to his boss at one point that he didn't know where these tracts were coming from and he thought it was inappropriate to leave them in the lunchroom). He worked the night shift at that time. One night he read the tract and fell to his knees in repentance and then put his trust in Jesus Christ for his salvation. He estimated he had thrown away at least 100 gospel tracts before that night.

Keep proclaiming the gospel, my fellow evangelist friends, as you are instructed to do. God is calling men unto repentance.

In light of the contents of this post, I think it would be appropriate to leave you with the message from a gospel tract. I have chosen the text from the "Are You Ready?" tract written by Paul Latour at The Word Street Journal blog.

"Are You Ready?"

God's Holy Word, the Bible, states that after you die, you are going to stand before God to give an account for your life. Because God is good, he's going to judge you according to the perfect moral standard of his law, the 10 Commandments. If you have ever lied, stolen, taken His name in vain, lusted, etc., He will find you guilty of breaking His law. He calls that "sin." Because God is holy and just, he must punish your sin. The punishment God has ascribed for sin is eternity in Hell.

But God is also loving, merciful, gracious, and kind in that He provided one way, and one way alone, to escape the punishment. That was through the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, the promised Savior: fully God and fully Man, without sin.

About 33 years into His sinless life here on earth, Jesus died a horrible, bloody death on the cross that he did not deserve in order to take upon Himself the punishment that you and I rightly deserve for our sins against God. Jesus suffered and died in our place. By doing so, God's justice against sin was fully satisfied. Then three days later, Jesus forever defeated sin and death when He rose from the grave.

What God requires of you is to repent (turn away from your sin) and, by faith alone, receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. No amount of your religious, charitable or personal good works can save you. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Salvation is a free gift of God offered to you.

With your sins forgiven, once and for all, and your trust in Christ intact, you will then be ready to stand before God on Judgment Day, righteous in Christ, and be joyously ushered into the promise and glory of eternal life in Heaven.

"And everyone who calls on the name off the LORD will be saved." (Joel 2:32)

In the reading of the Gospel message, God is calling you to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, the Lord. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to you. So make sure you are ready today. Repent and believe the gospel while God has still given you the time.

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