Monday, September 5, 2011

Evangelism Focus 09/05/11

Today is Labor Day, the unofficial last day of summer. I had purchased a couple discounted passes to the local wave pool but warm weather and a free schedule never shook hands, so I didn't use them. I contemplated using them today (the day the wave pool closes for the season), but instead I drove to the wave pool, found a young couple walking to the entrance and gave them the passes along with a gospel tract each. The young woman was very grateful and appreciative. The demeanor of the young man changed when I said the words "gospel tract". The small trace of a smile that was there disappeared. I held up the pool pass in one hand and said, "This will just get you a day of entertainment." I held up the tract in my other hand and said, "But this is for your life." (I would have liked to have said something far more eloquent, but those are the words that came out of my mouth). They nodded their heads in understanding, thanked me, and were on their way. I pray the gospel message will take root in their hearts and minds.

Evangelism comes in all shapes and sizes, folks. You just need to pick an idea and do it.

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  1. "But this is for your life." - That's all you had to say because it's all God gave you to say and that is good enough for Him. Only He knows how much impact these words will mean to both of them down the road.

    Great way of sharing kindness along with the gospel with people. I have always been amazed in the various creative ways you add and show generosity towards others as you share the gospel with them at the same time. Wonderful examples of compassion for people. Amen!

    God be praised!


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