Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Club Wednesday 09/21/11

The Musings Book Club selection for September and October is Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild by Mary Kassian.

I read chapter 2 this week titled "Point of Contrast #2: Counsel: Where She Gets Her Instruction" The idea is to contrast the "Girl Gone Wild" with the "Girl Gone Wise". The "wild" gets her counsel from the world, and the "wise" gets her counsel from the Word.

This chapter went on to address the influence that media has on us. It quoted the statistic from the U.S. Census Bureau stating that the average woman will expose herself to 3,596 hours of mass media (TV, radio/iPod, video games/Internet, movies, women's magazines, and newspaper) a year. That equals seven full months! The author also offered this statement: "You become what you are exposed to."

Ladies, this chapter brings up an excellent question, From where do you get your instruction?What is having the most influence over you, the world, or the Word of God?

It's a thought provoking chapter. I hope you're reading this book along with me. I'd love to hear your comments.

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