Friday, August 26, 2011

Evangelism Focus 08/26/11

Be warned: This week's evangelism focus post is geared more toward the ladies than the men. Whenever I visit someone in our local hospital, before I leave I stop in the gift shop and check it out. During a rash of recent visits to this particular hospital/gift shop, I discovered a purse called the Baggallini. It's made with lots of pockets inside and out, and there are several different styles. Immediately, I thought of how many gospel tracts would fit into a purse like this, so I've been keeping my eye on it. Last week, I had occasion to make a visit to the hospital, and that particular day the gift shop was selling the Baggallini purses for 50% off. Ahh, the moment I was was waiting for, so I made a purchase. It's going to be a great evangelism/everyday bag. It's filled and ready to go.

I've taken some pictures and posted them below. If you're interested in making a purchase of your own, Amazon has the best prices I've seen for this purse so far (aside from the occasional hospital gift shop sale).
Check it out here: Baggallini Big Zipper Bagg

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