Friday, August 12, 2011

Chosen For Prayer

An excerpt from A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent, on prayer. (pages 35-36)

"When God chose me in Christ before the foundation of the world, He did not merely choose me to be "holy and blameless"; He chose me also to be "before Him in love." To be sure, I am always in God's presence on earth, and in heaven I will be in His presence more fully than ever. But it could also be said that in this life I am especially "before Him in love" when I come" before Him" in prayer and worship.

Therefore, I infer that prayer is not simply something I am allowed to do as a Christian; prayer is actually one of the great purposes for which God chose to save me. Christ himself confirms this fact when He makes the following statement to His disciples: "I chose you ... that whatever you ask of the father in my name He may give to you." As the chosen one of God, I was saved to pray; and whenever I come into God's presence to behold Him, worship Him, or make requests of Him, I am arriving at the pinnacle of God's saving purposes for me.

God is radically committed to my life of prayer. He shed the blood of His Son so that I might be cleansed and rendered fit to stand before Him in love. He also permitted the brutal rending of his Son so that I might now have a way into the holy place through the torn flesh of Jesus. "Draw near," he says in Hebrews 4; "draw near," he says in Hebrews 10, "pray without ceasing," He urges elsewhere. How can I not feel the infinite sincerity of the these invitations, especially when considering the painful lengths that God endured so that I might enter His presence in prayer?

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