Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book Club Wednesday 08/31/11

The "book club Wednesday" selection for July and August is Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor by D.A. Carson. Please click here to see the proposed reading schedule.

I finished reading this book last week and now will weigh in with my final comments. To recap: This book was written by Don (D.A.) Carson about his dad, Tom Carson. It was a very interesting book in that it was written about Tom Carson after his death, but his son used many of his father's personal journal writings within the pages of this book, which gave the reader a glimpse into his actual life instead of leaving us to make assumptions based on data that was gathered.

This book reminded me of the benefit of picking a book that you think might interest you based on the subject matter and sticking with it to the end. It was nothing like I thought it would be, and it covered subjects I did not expect (such as depression, Alzheimer's Disease in a family member, betrayal in friendships).

I thoroughly enjoyed observing the life of this "ordinary pastor" through the pages of this book, and grew in my knowledge of the Christian life because of it. I recommend it to you all.

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