Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Persecution Podcast

If you are a "podcaster", I highly recommend The Persecution Podcast by Voice of the Martyrs ministry. It features prayer requests for persecuted Christians around the world and often highlights a speaker from one of the Voice of the Martyrs conferences or weekly staff meetings.

The podcast opens with this statement:

"You may recall the account of Stephen's death in the Bible or you may have read the stories of persecution by Romans in the Coliseum, but you may not know that Christian persecution continues even today. Christians face more persecution for their beliefs now than they ever have before. Since 1967, the Voice of the Martyrs has remained committed to informing the world of the sufferings of these Christians. In this podcast you will hear the true, recent stories of Christians who are persecuted for believing that Jesus Christ is their savior."

Click here to listen to it online or to download the podcast. You can also access the podcast through iTunes by searching "persecution podcast". Check it out.

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