Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grateful Hearts

I was listening to a Persecution Podcast the other day that featured a speaker who was involved in the Bibles Unbound program through Voice of the Martyrs ministry. The Bibles Unbound program provides Bibles to people all around the world who do not have them. The speaker mentioned that from April 1, 2010 through July 1, 2011 they have provided 463,615 Bibles to people who did not have them, (and there's still a waiting list). He then read some of the letters they have received after people received their Bibles. I transcribed some of the comments so I could share them with you today. They are as follows:

Testimony 1 from Indonesia:
We are six people in a home, and I am the oldest child. I always let my younger brothers and sisters bring our Bible every time we went to church. I have been praying for when I can buy a Bible. But on the other hand, my younger brother and sister still need money for their schooling. I work to feed and send them to school for my parents can’t get any income anymore. Even though I did not have my own Bible, I kept going to church diligently every Sunday. Going to church and listening to our pastor’s sermon is very important. One day our pastor announced that anyone who didn’t have a Bible would receive a free Bible. He collected our names. Then in May free Bibles were distributed. I have just known that it is your organization that sent them. After I got this new Bible, I have encouraged my friends who have also received a free Bible to go to church and to study the Bible diligently, so that people who have sacrificed to buy us the Bible would not go in vain. All of this is God’s plan. Thank you for this Bible. Our Lord who is the source of blessings will repay all generously.

Testimony 2:
I would like to thank VOM organization and its members for providing Bibles as Christmas gifts this year. I study this Bible regularly at my home. During my everyday study I got to know about life after death in Jesus from John 11:25, which cleared my conscience, and I got my answer. Before that, I used to visit church sometimes, but this verse has changed my life completely. Now I believe that Jesus is my savior from my heart. So, I decided to visit church regularly and continuously forever.

Testimony 3 from Nepal:
I was waiting so many days to get the Holy Bible. Now I have this Bible in my hand. I am so happy to get this Bible because God has answered my prayers. I would like to thank Jesus and his disciples for this. I got to know about holy things from this Bible during my regular study. My wish is that not only me but all people should get a chance to study and know about Jesus and his love to them.

Testimony 4 from China:
On behalf of every believer at the church here, I would like to say thank you, thank you. Without your devotion and support, how can we get this priceless, valuable, and precious Bible. The Bible gave us direction in our lives. It changed our view of life, sense of worth, value about money, and worldview, as well as our faith and heart. Due to this book we will not waste our lives. We will become the happiest ones in the world. Once again, though God shows mercy and blesses us, it came from your donation of love.

Testimony 5:
The buddy who sent me the precious holy Bible, I thank you. Dear buddies in Christ, I thank you. There is no rain for a few months here, and it is dry in our land. Our spirits are more thirsty. We are tired and thirsty. Your big love sent us an urgent rain, the Bible, from thousands of miles away. When I hold this Bible, I am excited, and my whole body is boiling. I can only say thank you, thank you with tears in my eyes…… bless us so much that I will make use of my time and study the Bible heartily. We won’t disappoint you, and we will be God’s rejoicing people.

Now.........go read your Bibles. And, if so moved, check out the Bibles Unbound program through Voice of the Martyrs ministry.

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