Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Club Wednesday 07/20/11

The "book club Wednesday" selection for July and August is Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor by D.A. Carson. Please click here to see the proposed reading schedule.

This week I read chapters 1&2. Chapter 1 is titled "O Canada, A Sketch of Quebec". That was very interesting. It introduced me to the term francophone, which I was not familiar with, and the author did not explain it. Upon checking the dictionary it means: as an adjective, French speaking; as a noun, one who speaks French (probably could have figured that out with context, but didn't. I read that word several times before I finally looked it up).

This chapter did a great job explaining the linguistic and religious history of Canada in general, Quebec specifically, and even a little American history thrown in there. That chapter is worth reading for the history alone.

Chapter 2 is titled "Tom Carson: Beginnings of Life and Ministry". Tom Carson was D.A. Carson's father. Tom was from English-speaking Canada but was burdened for the French side. His ministry to French-speaking Canada began in the early 1940's. Chapter 2 primarily lays the foundation for what went on to be his life's work.

I hope you'll pick up a copy of this book, read along with me, and weigh in with your feedback in the comments section. Looks like it's going to be a good read!

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