Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Workplace Musings 02/15/11

Today I returned to work after my trip to Lafayette. As anticipated, it was a difficult first day back.

On Thursday of last week I checked my home messages from Indiana and found a message on there from my place of employment. A dearly-loved coworker had suffered a massive heart attack and died on Saturday (the same day we left on our trip). I loved him very much as did most of the employees at our company. He worked in the IT department (our only IT employee, actually) and had been with the company for over 20 years.

My other coworkers had rightly surmised that returning home early would (likely) not be an option for me. Instead of contacting me directly, they kindly left me the message on my home voicemail, so I could process the information (and begin grieving) before I returned to work on the following Tuesday. God, in His sovereignty, allowed me to discover the news when it was too late to return home (as services were over by then), at a biblical counseling conference where every session was ultimately focused on the sovereignty of God (dealing with death was spoken of in the first session of the day on Thursday), and with my husband and good friends by my side. I am overwhelmed by His kindness!

Loving your coworkers is not something that is often talked about in everyday life, but love them we do. We don't live in a vacuum. We love the people we spend time with. Larry, my coworker, was greatly loved by his fellow coworkers, and the company forever changed on February 5, 2011. But, this I know, his death was not a mistake, nor could it be escaped. It was exactly as God had planned.

My friend's death was a reminder to me that I have been living this very temporary life in far too permanent of a way. May it never be again!

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