Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Workplace Musings 02/01/11

Recently I was listening to a podcast with special speaker Carolyn McCulley. She said this:

"If you really want to affect an unbeliever, you humble yourself. An unbeliever can see your sin as clearly, if not more clearly, than you can. But a watching world does not often hear people say, 'I'm sorry. I was selfish. Please forgive me.' You're going to affect people by your humility."

I have found this to be true in the workplace. One word of caution here: If your evangelism plan is "I will show them how humble I am, and they will want to be a Christian", you've already blown it. That is not humility. When God is humbling you in the workplace, and you respond in obedience, you will know it, and so will your coworkers.

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