Friday, February 25, 2011

Evangelism Focus 02/25/11

The picture above was taken about a year and a half ago at a local mall. After reading the blogs of Tony Miano, Paul Latour, Vernon Costello, and others, I asked Greg to make two wooden crosses for me to use in my evangelism efforts. One cross is small (3 '), to be used on benches, as is demonstrated in the picture above. The other cross is larger (4') to be held and seen with the idea of gathering the attention of passersby. On both crosses, are written the words "Are You Ready?" I had only used the small cross until Wednesday of this week.

On Wednesday, I stood on the corner of a busy intersection near my house and held the larger cross as the rush-hour traffic went by. It was not a spot that would receive foot traffic, but it was on a corner with a stoplight, so many people slowed down and read the cross (I could see it happening). My goal on this particular evening was to cause people to think about eternity if only for a minute. I find that most people just don't think about it (they tell me so when I have a chance to ask them). I lost a friend to death very suddenly a few weeks ago and have been very aware of the temporary nature of this life. I wanted to give people a few moments to pause and think about eternity. I pray they did.


  1. WOW!!This is good.Boy do we all need to stop and give this thought..Thank you..Hit my heart and thinking..

  2. Many a blessing to you, sister, for being willing to stand as a fool for Christ, even risking neighbors seeing you and not only wondering about the question but probably wondering about the condition of your sanity.

    But then, there is the one, or the few, whom the Lord causes to look past the fool, seriously consider the question on the cross and be further led by His Spirit toward the road to Calvary and eternal salvation.

    Well done, Katrina. You will have much on your crown to cast unto the feet of the Lord on that Great Day! Keep up the good work! God bless you, immensely.


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