Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mentoring Musings 12/16/10

The White Horse Inn podcast recently featured a broadcast titled "A Survey of Biblical Literacy". They sent someone out to a Christian Retail and Sales convention and surveyed the crowd with a few Biblical questions. Here's a few of them:

Children are not born guilty of Adam's sin. They only become guilty at the age of accountability. Agree or Disagree?

"Blessed are the poor in spirit" is a famous line from Peter's Pentecost sermon in Acts 2. Agree or Disagree?

More than anything, Jesus is a great moral example who shows us how to live. Agree or Disagree?

Jesus was fully divine and only appeared to be human. Agree or Disagree?

There is no one who does good, no not even one. There is no one who seeks God. Agree or Disagree?

Christian young person, have you thought through these questions? Click Here to listen to the full broadcast (again, titled "A Survey of Biblical Literacy) and further explanation of the answers and the tally of the survey results.

Quick Reminder:

On December 23, I will be giving away two copies of the book Growing Up Christian by Karl Graustein. Click Here for further explanation and the book and reason for the give away.

There are two ways to enter the give away.

1. For 2 chances/entries, post this give away on your website, blog, or social networking site, and let me know about it in the comments section.
2. For 1 chance/entry, enter your name (first name will suffice) in the comment section stating your intention to enter the give away contest.

As appropriate, please enter only if you have your parents' permission. The give away is open to everyone.

I will draw two winning names on the morning of December 23 and will announce them at that time. I will give you 24 hours to contact me via e-mail at that time and then will send the books off to the winners.

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