Saturday, November 27, 2010


I've mentioned a couple times now that I will be making a few changes to the structure of the blog. Starting this coming Monday, I will put the new structure in place. I've decided to give every day on the blog a dedicated purpose. Please find below, the explanation of the new structure. With each post in the upcoming week, I will take some time to explain the purpose of the new (in some cases) category and then describe my plan of action for those posts. My intention now, as always, is to keep the content Christ-focused and edifying or remain silent.

Here's the new plan:

Mondays--Cookie Baking Night Every other Monday night our nieces and nephews (from both sides of the family) come to our house and spend the evening with us. Monday's posts will be focused in that regard.

Tuesdays--Workplace Musings My secular job is one of the greatest tools God uses in my personal sanctification process (coming in third, in my life, to marriage and being a member of a family). Tuesday's posts will be about lessons God teaches me through my workplace.

Wednesdays--Bookclub Wednesdays Between now and the end of 2011 I will choose six books to read and discuss on the blog. I would enjoy it if you read them along with me. Wednesdays posts will be dedicated to the discussion of these books.

Thursdays--Mentoring Musings These posts will be geared toward the young person with a particular slant toward the young lady.

Fridays--Evangelism Musings These posts will be geared toward evangelism. I will use these posts to share about my personal evangelism experiences, my favorite evangelism blogs, evangelism videos, etc.

Saturdays--Katrina's Musings Saturday will be potluck day--various musings, if you will.

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