Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Resource Wednesday 10/06/10

This Resource Wednesday I'd like to share with you the sermon from the Sunday evening service at Bible Baptist Church. Last Sunday evening our pastor started a series called the The Epic Story. This sermon series will cover "the four major movements in the Bible that bring continuity to the 66 books that comprise the Old and New Testament. The four movements are: creation, fall, redemption, and consummation. These four themes help us see how large themes bring continuity to the smaller parts of the Bible." As mentioned above the first sermon covered creation. It was most excellent and certainly worth checking out. I highly recommend it. Click here to listen to the first sermon in this series and check back over the next three Resource Wednesdays for the conclusion to this series.


  1. Hi Katrina,
    I was reading Tony's Lawman Chronicles when I noticed a section on the right of the page showing "followers". I saw a familiar little drawing of a cute face & clicked on it! Found your musings & just had to comment. 1st & foremost, THANK YOU for praying for me.
    I find this muse very intriging, so I will listen tonight to your pastors message - I'm eager to hear how he has compiled these themes.

  2. Judy,
    Well, hello good friend. I was excited to see you comment on the blog--didn't think you moved around much on the blogosphere. You are definitely being prayed for. I hope you will enjoy this sermon, as I have.

  3. Okay. Just listened to Movement #1 "Creation". Very enlightening and man oh man you have a church body full of intellects don't you! Right about now I'm feeling like I need to take a stupid pill or something. Yikes! Thankfully your pastor has kept the sermon concise and clear. Not an overwhelming amount of detail; and for that I am grateful.
    You're so right, I am NEVER in the blogosphere, in fact I wouldn't have known how to spell it except for the fact that I'm responding to you - "oh technical one". I'm wondering how on earth people know how to do all this fancy-schmancy web stuff. I had to actually make a phone call for HELP when I was posting the previous comment. I got STUCK on the "select profile" thing because I didn't know what URL meant! It's pathetic. Oh and I saw your adorable face on FWT's web site, you little book winner you! Going to TRANSFORMED CONF. again this Sat. and bringing 2 more couples with us! Praise God!

  4. Judy,
    You crack me up. Glad you enjoyed the sermon. I'll post all four parts of it, so be sure to check back.

    We do have a congregation that loves God's Word, and I think that is evidenced in their many questions. We are a small congregation that, for whatever reason, seems to attract seminary students. I think that also is evidenced in the question and answer time at the end of the sermon. It's a great place to be to learn about God.

  5. Hi Katrina,
    Your "click here" to listen link is broken on this post. Fortunately, I know how to navigate the BBC website to find it.
    :-) Jenny


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