Saturday, October 23, 2010

Evangelism Focus 10/23/10

After a week that was marked by three different funerals, I had a strong desire to get out and share the gospel with people.The town we live in (Ramsey, MN) neighbors a town that makes a most unusual claim. Anoka, Minnesota claims to be the Halloween capital of the world (that's right, the world).
Because they boast this distinction, they really whoop it up for several weeks surrounding Halloween. We've always avoided these festivities because of the "holiday" they are associated with and because of the increased traffic around that area during this time of year. But this year I was able to see the gospel-sharing potential in an event such as this.

Again, because Anoka claims to be the Halloween capital of the world, they have three parades surrounding this time of year. Tonight was the Parade of lights. So, I dusted off my Superman shirt (I just knew it would come in handy some day), then Greg (my trusty photographer and all around directional wizard) and I headed out to the parade. We arrived about an hour and a half before the parade started so we could walk around and hand out gospel tracts. We handed out a lot of tracts and just as it started to get dark and the parade was about to begin, we made our leave. I found the red and blue optical illusion tracts were very fitting for an event such as this.

I pray (and hope you will too) that God will use the message on these gospel tracts to draw people unto Him. May He be honored and glorified through it!

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