Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Resource Wednesday 09/29/10

This Resource Wednesday, I would like to share with you a project recently undertaken by the pastor of our church (Pastor Doug Roman). About a week ago our church hosted a booth at our local town festival (Otsego Festival). We use the time to connect with the community and let them know there is a Bible-preaching church in the area. As part of the festival this year, we had a board available where people could post their questions. The caption on the board said, "If I Could Ask God One Question....". We then invited the festival attendees to write down a question and post it on the board. And we told them that our pastor would answer the questions on his blog using the Bible as his resource. We placed a few questions on the board to get things started and then replaced them as the day progressed and people began to write down questions. As promised, Pastor Roman is addressing the questions on his blog, and I am enjoying checking out his responses, as well as learning in the process. I believe he was given 8-10 questions and will be addressing them at approximately a one-a-day pace. Click here to check out the questions and responses and feel free to check back as the days progress.

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