Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Resource Wednesday 09/15/10

This Resource Wednesday I would like to commend to you Scripture memorization. I have been praying lately that God would allow me to know Him more and to love Him more. He has been answering this prayer for me through memorizing passages of the Bible.

After I heard Janet Pope, author of His Word in My Heart, ( speak on a radio program recently, I picked up my abandoned project of memorizing Ephesians chapters 1 & 2. I adopted Janet's method of writing the passage of Scripture on spiral bound 3 x 5 note cards (one verse per card). I memorize one verse a day (sometimes I take two days if it's a tough one for me) and add it to what I memorized in past days. As I memorize the passage, I seek to understand it and to understand what it is saying about the character and nature of God.

I put this little book of verses in the kitchen when I'm making supper, I bring it with me in the bathroom when I'm fixing my hair in the morning, and I take it with me when I travel back and forth to my place of employment each day. This method is allowing me to "hide God's Word in my heart" and through it God is answering my prayer and allowing me to know Him more.

And now for my word of caution about methods: With every new method that comes along, I have a tendancy to think "This is it! That method will be the thing that completes my life and changes my behavior. If I get that thing and start working out that method, all will be well with me." But, alas, it is just a method. It is a tool and nothing more. With each new method that comes along I have to check my motives and guard myself against the the sin of self-righteousness (which I can so easily fall into), the sin of wanting to work for my salvation, do my part, get good results, and be happy. It is when this "feeling" comes around that I preach the Gospel message to myself and remind myself that Jesus paid the full price of my sins when He died on the cross some 2,000 years ago. I bring nothing to Him. My faith is in Christ alone for my salvation and not that which I can accomplish.

With that said, again, I recommend this method for memorizing Scripture. I have found it very helpful and enjoyable.

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