Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Resource Wednesday 08/25/10

Today's Resource Wednesday is a 2 for 1 resource deal. About a month ago, I entered a drawing on the Fish With Trish website ( Trish was giving away a copy of the book Before God by Mike Sarkissian. The Fish With Trish website is a great resource for evangelism tips. She often posts videos of her tips. She also gives away resources via a drawing from time to time. I highly recommend checking out the website.

As mentioned above, I entered the drawing for Before God, and my name was drawn. Trish sent me the book (thanks Trish), and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. I'm halfway through it now. The subtitle of the book is "The Biblical Doctrine of Prayer". My favorite chapter so far is chapter 4, "Jesus' Prayer Life". When the God-man himself made prayer such a distinct priority, it's hard to deny the necessity of it in our own lives. I'm in a section of the book now where the author is systematically going through the Lord's prayer, dedicating a chapter to each petition of the prayer. It is very thought provoking. I'm looking forward to a chapter near the end titled, "Robert Murray McCheyne: A Preacher Marked by Prayer", as our pastor at church has a respect for this Scottish minister from the early 1800's and has introduced some his work to our congregation.

I look forward to finishing the book and will weigh in again with my thoughts after I have done so.

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